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BLU BIJOU Herbal Tea

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BLU BIJOU has partnered with Blue Goba to offer this potent and flavourful psychedelic tea! We have combined tea bases sourced from one of Canada’s highest quality tea providers with our legendary Blue Goba mushrooms, to create a true high tea experience.

The Blue Goba mushroom variety has been selectively isolated from the Penis Envy family, to create an incredible experience that is similar, but even more expansive. The visuals are cleaner, the thought processes are incredibly cohesive, and the creativity is off the charts. This variety has a very slow growth and low yield, which is why it is priced accordingly. We feel very strongly that it is well worth the difference.

Each packet of BLU BIJOU Herbal Tea contains 7 grams of Blue Goba mushroom, and 28 grams of loose tea. MIX WELL BEFORE CONSUMING!


COOL BLU MINT - Fragrant and uplifting, with strong, fresh mint tones. Mint is good for the digestive system. It is soothing and helps with skin irritation and detoxification.

SUPER BLU LAVENDER - Relaxing and reflective, with floral notes and a light mint aftertaste. Lavender contains many antioxidants and has been shown to reduce anxiety.


1. MIX THE TEA BAG WELL, then weigh out the desired dose (every 5 grams of tea mixture will contain approximately 1 gram of mushroom)

2. Steep the tea in boiling water for 15 minutes, then drain the tea leaves/mushrooms.

3. Add honey or another flavoring and enjoy!


Each packet of BLU BIJOU herbal tea contains 7 grams of Blue Goba mushroom, cultivated by Blue Goba. Each packet of BLU BIJOU herbal tea contains 28 grams of high quality loose leaf tea

INGREDIENTS: Mint leaves OR lavender extract, Psilocybe cubensis Blue Goba

This strain has been potency tested and results show that it is between 2-3 times more potent than the "average" psilocybe cubensis mushroom.

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