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Psychedelic Integration

A Psychedelic experience can be the catalyst for beginning your healing process, but combining the experience with Psychedelic Integration is how you can truly maximize the benefits of these powerful substances.

What is Psychedelic Integration?

Psychedelic Integration is the synthesis of the mind and body following a psychedelic experience. It is the process of exploring and sharing both challenges and insights which may have arisen during psychedelic experiences. 

Any feelings, sensations, and ideas/insights that are elicited by your psychedelic experience are often the catalyst for the process of healing, however combining the psychedelic experience with Integration is how you can truly maximize the benefits of psychedelics.


Integration is about creating the space to “make meaning” of those feelings, sensations, and ideas so that they can inform daily functioning. In this way, integration therapy increases the potential for personal transformation that psychedelics offer.

If you are interested in psychedelic integration, Blue Goba has curated a list of the most reputable and experienced Canadian Integration Practitioners. Click the button below each name to visit the website of the respective practitioner. 

You can also view a list of all practitioners in North America here


Khloe Woods

Kelowna, BC 🇨🇦

I am a Registered Nurse with 10 yrs of experience providing quality care to a wide variety of patients. I have over 4 years specialized experience working in acute adult psychiatric care. I have seen firsthand how safe & effective psychedelics can be in treating mental illness and addiction.


I wholeheartedly believe in the powerful healing properties of psychedelics and am committed to guiding others on a journey of personal growth, self exploration and empowerment.


Thrive Wellness Clinic

Vancouver, BC 🇨🇦

All of our counsellors and healers have an understanding of the nervous system. The simplest lesson from trauma-theory is that we get stressed 'up' into anxious fight-flight, or stressed 'down' into depressed freeze-collapse. We have known since the famous van der Kolk brain scans of the late 90s that enduring change in therapy does not happen from just chatting. It happens from energetic engagement with the body, and our counsellors take this to heart. With this at our foundation, we host an assortment of humans who have made it their life's work to understand themselves as deeply as possible.


Thrive operates on the idea that only actualized humans who do the work to keep their hearts open will be able to mirror their clients, helping them through the chaos of life towards presence and peace.


Field Trip Health

Vancouver, BC 🇨🇦

Our Vancouver treatment team specializes in complex trauma, cognitive behavioural therapy, cognitive processing therapy, internal family systems, somatic experience, dance movement therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapy. 

The Vancouver Health Center is proud to offer several adjunct services designed to uniquely augment any wellness journey, including massage therapy, yoga classes and dietician services. We strive to build on your immersive ketamine journeys with a slate of care options from registered experts in supporting fields to help clients form a holistic and balanced path to wellness.


Shannon Patton

Vancouver, BC 🇨🇦

It's my belief that people deserve a place to feel seen, heard, and supported. In our sessions, I strive to provide a space where you can express yourself and explore your inner world so that we can create change together. While it is true that counselling can be challenging, I also believe it can and should include humour, hope, and be a comfortable place for you to learn and grow.


If you are in a place where you are ready to make changes, I will support you to address concerns such as grief and loss, anxiety, depression, parenting, interpersonal and relationship challenges, trauma, and career transitions.


Gaia Counselling 

Vancouver, BC 🇨🇦

Priscilla Coleff is clinical counsellor and psychotherapist with over 10 years of experience. She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a Certified Canadian Counsellor. She is a certified Focusing-Oriented Therapist, as well as being trained in various therapeutic modalities. She is one of the Board of Directors for the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, as well as the Alternative Representative on the Board of FACTBC.


She was born and raised in Mexico City from a diverse cultural background. She completed there her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with emphasis in Depth Psychology. She came to Vancouver, Canada to do her Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology. After finishing her degree, she moved to Dawson Creek to work with families and couples. She moved back to Vancouver and worked for Child and Youth Mental Health. She still resides in the Lower Mainland with her husband and her two children giving guidance and support to individuals and families.


MINDSPACE by Numinus

Vancouver, BC 🇨🇦

Mindspace by Numinus has become a pioneer in Canada in the emerging field of psychedelic-assisted therapy in recent years. Our joining with the Numinus Wellness team in early 2021 means that we now deliver best-in-class, leading-edge mental health solutions nationwide.

Mindspace by Numinus is pleased to be at the forefront of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy solutions in Canada. Specifically, in light of Health Canada’s revision to its Special Access Program, our medical team is now able to submit applications on behalf of appropriate candidates for potential treatment with psilocybin and MDMA.

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