Golden Teacher Neurostack

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Each capsule contains 50mg of Golden Teacher and 380mg of Lion's Mane.

Lion's Mane: Supports Memory, concentration and focus as well as nerve support. Lion's Mane is a gourmet mushroom and is a source of fungal polysaccharides with immunomodulating properties as well as a source of antioxidants that help protect cells against the oxidative damage caused by free radicals.

25 caps/$49.99

Store in a cool dry place

There are 2 ways to take them.
1. On an as needed basis before a project or social event.
2. To help manage chronic depression/anxiety: take 1 cap/day for 4 consecutive days then take the 3 following days off and repeat the cycle.
Try this for one full cycle with one cap/day then if you found it was too little or too much change your dose for the next cycle.

*Note: psychedelics are non-specific amplifiers and may not be suitable for those with anxiety conditions. Antidepressants will nullify the effects of psychedelics.
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